AWI Short Film Competition

If I Told You

When you’re as spontaneous and courageous as Vera, you have plenty of incredible stories to tell, but her most life-altering story proves the most difficult to believe.

Content heads up: impacts of sexual violence, rape kit and police reporting procedures

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Director: Dominique Nieves

Dominique Nieves is a Nuyorican actress, writer, producer, director and founder of Iron Glove Productions. She took courses in writing & film in high school & as an undergrad at Columbia University, but it wasn’t until she pursued acting professionally that she realized she was passionate about making her own work from the ground up. As an actress, she is known for portraying strong willed characters and her commanding presence. As a filmmaker, she aims to highlight imperative social justice issues by challenging audiences to examine unique perspectives. Nieves is the recipient of a Voice With Impact Grant, providing her the funds to create a short film about the mental health effects of sexual violence. Her other films have garnered awards and festival selections including official selection to HBO’s New York Latino Film Festival for, ‘A Nice Guy’, Screenplay Official Selection to Holly Shorts Film Festival for, ’21 Candles’, and Best Social Justice Film from Oniros Film Awards for, 'RACCA'.

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