AWI Short Film Competition

Touch Me Don’t Touch Me

Touch Me Don’t Touch Me shows conflicting feelings of fear and desire fuel an energetic conversation about intimacy and trauma through the medium of contact movement.


Content heads up: discussion of sexual violence

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Director: Lucie Rachel

Lucie Rachel is a lens-based artist working with still and moving image to explore themes of domesticity, gender and the unspoken. Since graduating from art school in 2015 she has directed short films for the Scottish Documentary Institute, Glasgow Film and Channel 4 Random Acts, which have gained international recognition. Her recent photography series 'The Silent B: an exploration of bi+ identities in Scotland', created for the Focas Scotland DOCUMENT project, is currently part of a touring exhibition in Scotland and India for the British Council UK-India year of culture. Continuing with an interdisciplinary documentary approach, her focus is now directed towards research through personal narratives, exploring the issues surrounding cervical screening for people who have experienced sexual violence. Lucie lives and works in the UK, where she has recently relocated from Scotland to Brighton, and is actively looking for new projects and collaborations.

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