when it hits

When a big wave of depression, anxiety & even nervousness hits, in that moment, life is highly seen differently. I have a friend who is diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder. I specifally made this video for her, since she could never find words to describe how she felt. I myself deal with anxiety problems, so this piece is also very close to my heart. I believe mental health does not define someone, but it is definitely part of that individual's life. At times, it is very hard to describe the thoughts and emotions that run through your body when it hits.

This abstract piece is meant to be interpreted differently by each viewer. As a film student, I believe it is important to create art that is inspired by one's life. I hope you feel various emotions while watching my video.

Ps. The video ends with a loud pixelated shot. The reason behind that is that I wanted to create a moment of surprise, since that's how it feels when anxiety, depression (…) hits. It's unpleasent, unexpected, shocking and stressful. The great thing is that we know we can pass through it. Especially when platforms like Art With Impact promotes creative disucssions about mental health


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