AWI Short Film Competition

The Opioid of Genocide

A film that promises to shock, inspire and motivate change, for our nations, who are faced with the continued devastation in the Opioid Epidemic that started at the beginnings of colonization.

Content heads up: discussion of suicide, substance use, racism, intergenerational trauma

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Director: Georgina Lightning

Georgina Lightning has a long track record in the film and entertainment industry, starting out as an actress in 1990, evolved into an acting coach and then in 2008 she founded, “Tribal Alliance Productions” as a filmmaker dedicated to producing powerful narratives on the indigenous experience. As a filmmaker, Lightning was named one of the 25 New Faces of Independent Film in “Filmmaker Magazine,” in the Summer 2007 issue. After her directorial debut with “Older Than America,” she received international acclaim from receiving the “White House Project, Emerging Artist Award” in April 2010. The award recognizes women in leadership who create social change from the work they do. By 2011, “Older Than America” had garnered 23 awards, and had been distributed all over the world in many different languages. Lightning has been heard by audiences worldwide as an advocate, keynote speaker, panel participant and ambassador for human rights, sexual exploitation of women and children, missing and murdered women, mental illness, healing, injustice, equal rights, and our environment.

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