AWI Short Film Competition

Six Feet Apart

A queer Latinx man in a Texas border town remembers, and buries, his father within an unbearable reality.

Content heads-up: Depiction of the loss of a father, internalized homophobia, brief physical aggression, funeral during a pandemic

Director: Monty Cole

Monty Cole is an award-winning theatre and film writer-director from Oak Park, IL. He has directed regional theatres across the country. Recently, Cole served as Guest Director and Film Coordinator for Reverb at University of Illinois in Chicago, workshopped his first feature film at the Center for New Performance in California as Artist in Residence. Cole is also a fellow at the Hermitage Artist Retreat and a Research Scholar of the Bridge to Faculty Program at UIC. This past Summer, Cole directed three short films: SIX FEET APART by Isaac Gomez, SONS OF TOLEDO, written by Cole and Matt Foss, and his own short, WHOLE. Coming up, Cole and Gomez will collaborate again on a devised film, La Vuelta. Monty has a BA in Theatre Studies from Emerson College and an MFA Directing degree from the California Institute of the Arts.

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