Pandora’s Dimension Trailer

A trailer to Pandora's Dimension Short Film


Main Production Manager: See Sher Lyn

Co-Production Manager: Ng Wei Siang

Film Director:  Syahir Jack Ezekiel Rafa’ee

A. Director: Chew Jia Hui

Camera Man: Jacqie

Artistic Director: Nelia Phoon

Scriptwriter: Wong Pei Si


Pandora’s Dimension was born

through our intense desire to fight

the social stigma of mental illness

in Singapore, where the topic is

still considered “hush-hush” and


The film explores how a typical

society views mental illness

when they don’t understand it,

the journey to recovery of one

with mental health issues and

the misconceptions that the

public has about ‘treatments in

a mental hospital’ which is often

exaggerated in modern-day


Our film “Pandora’s Dimension”

directed by SYAHIR JACK

EZEKIEL RAFA’EE, a local film

student in NTU ADM, aims to bring

awareness to this issue of mental

health in Singapore.

The creative team formed this film

based on the interview with “Judy

Zhuang”, our protagonist.

We hope to highlight that “early

treatment is key to recovery”, and

urge people to look out for their

loved ones, while encouraging the

destigmatisation of mental health

issues in our nation.

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