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Sergio is fired from the office where he works. On his last day, he notices that something strange is happening both in the office and out on the street.


Content heads up: gun violence, schizophrenia, delusion

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Director: Javier García

Lights is Javier Garcia's first project as writer and director. He was very interested in giving a cinematic interpretation of the different alienation states because of there is no black or white, but only a grey scale with respect to human behavior. A graduate of the University of Barcelona with a masters degree in astrophysics, particles, and gravitation, Javier has an impressive creative side to compliment his scientific prowess. His band Bizarre has recorded two albums with the Música Global Discográfica label, and appeared on Spanish television in a Eurovision competition in 2008. Javier made the leap to video in 2007, when he filmed his first music video, which was broadcasted on national television. By 2010, Javier was investing all his time and resources in film, working on his first project, Lo Que Queda de Vida, with director Isaías San Martín. The film (for which Javier also provided the soundtrack) was selected for inclusion in the 2013 Global Dominican Film Festival.

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Schizophrenia is an umbrella term for a wide range of conditions where a person’s experience of reality doesn’t line up with the experiences of the...


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