AWI Short Film Competition


What does it take to reach out for help? “1-800-656-4673” explores this question by giving viewers a four-and-a-half minute peek into the digital life of one college student. In a world where we’re always connected to other people through phone and video and text, sometimes it can feel like we’re more alone than ever. Especially when our mental health is suffering.

Content heads up: social isolation

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Director: Lauren Plattman

Lauren Plattman is a filmmaker born and raised in New Jersey. She is currently based in Syracuse, New York completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in film at Syracuse University, graduating in 2022. She became interested in filmmaking at 13 years old and began taking classes at the New Jersey Film School. Since then, she has made over 70 short films, some of which have been included in film festivals across the country. Lauren is very interested in directing, producing, and editing and hopes to pursue those interests once she graduates. She is passionate about telling stories that matter and aims to continue that throughout her career.