AWI Our Stories Our Voices presents: Heart to Heart: Family Conversations about Mental Health

The Our Stories, Our Voices festival celebrates AAPI mental health stories told by AAPI filmmakers and artists. Over two days, filmmakers, mental health professionals, and community leaders will lead insightful, interactive workshops focused on the unique experiences of AAPI people and their mental health. You can see them all on the Our Stories, Our Voices information page!

Bringing up mental health issues with family and loved ones can be hard, especially because societal stigma discourages such conversations. Many young Asian and Pacific Islander people experience this firsthand in their households and communities, where cultural, linguistic, and generational factors present additional barriers to bringing up the ‘taboo’ topic of mental illness. Varun Joshi will facilitate a conversation between filmmakers Thea Loo and Varundeep Chawla exploring the unique considerations of discussing mental health in AAPI families while offering insights into how we can approach these difficult, but necessary, conversations.

You can view the event recording below:

Featured National Resources:

Crisis Text Line
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Trans Lifeline
The Trevor Project


Date:January 26, 2022
Time:1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


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Workshop Evaluation

98% of participants said the festival enriched their understanding of AAPI mental health experiences
69% of attendees left the festival more likely to seek support for their mental health needs
91% of participants said they are more likely to take action in support of AAPI people in their life
I’m glad I was able to tune in, and appreciate that the opportunity exists! "
-Session Attendee


Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission The MHSOAC provides vision and leadership, in collaboration with clients, their family members, and underserved communities, to ensure Californians understand mental health is essential to overall health. MHSOAC holds public mental health systems accountable, provides oversight for eliminating disparities; promotes wellness, recovery and resiliency; and ensures positive outcomes for individuals living with serious mental illness and their families.