You want me to do what?

I think, for me, both the biggest motivation AND hindrance for wanting to get more involved with a cause or issue is the actual getting involved part.  Who doesn’t want to save baby elephants, stop the world from turning into a convection oven or prevent a zombie uprising? But, just like baby elephants, tough social issues don’t come with a how-to guide. We kind of have to figure out stuff as we go along – the stuff that is actually helpful as opposed to the stuff that feels like we are banging our heads against the wall.

Sure, we can donate money and/or volunteer at some organization that is anything but organized, but do we feel like we have actually contributed to the betterment of society, helped stave off ultimate doom or even spread much needed awareness? Maybe. Then what else is there? Can we hear about something from a friend / read an enlightening article / see a moving film and then do something about it? And, can it be somewhere in-between stuffing envelopes and moving to Africa? Yes.

The end. By Jennifer Tipton

Actually, I wish I had the perfect list to t hrow out there now for dramatic effect, but it’s not so black and white. Ok, what the hell, here’s a list anyway.

1. Read more articles and books, watch more films and talk to more people. The biggest obstacle is misinformation and no-information.  Imagine if just 1% more of Americans were more aware of a situation. Paradigms will shift, for shizzle.

2.  Google is your friend. Why would I even have to tell you to Google – it’s like breathing. Check out local orgs and groups (are you still in school? I bet there’s a student group for that) in your area and ask how they need help. Or check out our website in July. We’ll have some local opportunities posted for you.

3. (see above) Go to one of their parties, or suggest they have one and help plan it. Everybody LOVES a party and this helps spread the word to the community at large.

4. Are you really good at something? Master web designer or PR? Sometimes nonprofits are a little underwater with ALL OF THE THINGS they have to do, and it’s one more thing to think of stuff for volunteers to do, so if you come to them and are all, “Hey, I can help you write a blog entry and tweet about it on my wildly popular twitter account” and then DO IT? That was totally helpful. Maybe you can make your own short film with our material from the New Works Project? Just sayin’.

Anyways, it’s up to you to use your noggin’. Just know that whatever you do is doing something, and that’s a good thing. Just do it.*

*Unoriginal and obvious sentence brought to you by Nike and Martha Stewart.

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