Movies for Mental Health events leverage Art With Impact’s world-class library of short films to engage students on the topic of mental health with the goal of reducing stigma around mental illness and encouraging early intervention. Our interactive two-hour workshops are hosted by colleges and universities throughout many states in the U.S., and deeply engage both students and community.

It was very inspiring seeing others with mental illness, makes me realize that there is hope, and that life is worth living."
-Student Attendee

Mental Health Education outcomes:

  •  Reduced feelings of isolation, and both personal and public stigma around mental illness
  •  Increased awareness of real experiences of mental illness • Direct connection with mental health resources available on campus and in the community
  •  Increased intent to reach out for help for a mental health issue if/when necessary (reported by 76% of participants in 2015-16)

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Film & Artistic Analysis Outcomes

  • Engagement in interactive analyses of the media’s portrayal of mental illness
  • Exposure to techniques used by independent filmmakers to express truths and change perspectives
  • Exploration of cognitive and emotional responses and personal impact of short films and group discussion
  • Experience the power that the arts can have to transform the lives of the artist, the audience, and communities as a whole

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