Ways to take action this Mental Health Month!

It’s that time of the year again…

Mental Health Awareness Month 2018 is here, a time where organizations nation-wide participate in a larger discussion about mental health. You might remember our #myMHmatters campaign last year where we featured a daily film and resources…. This year, we want to provide you with new and creative ways to engage this month and start conversations of your own! Check them out below 🙂

Delve into the intersection of filmmaking + mental health:

Are you an advocate who wants to try your hand at filmmaking, or a filmmaker who wants to create work on the topic of mental health? Our new blog seriesoffers videos with tips, and weekly posts featuring interviews with our winning filmmakers including everything from steps for making a film about someone else’s experience, inexpensive filmmaking hacks, and the true impact this medium can make. Stay tuned as we release our next blog this Wednesday.

Watch a short film with your friends or family:

Did you know our OLIVE Film Collection consists of over 45 films, 5 minutes or less, which shed light on 20 different mental health topics? Our viewing tips and guidelines enable you to stay safe while watching the films with others, or when using the films in an environment with children or young people. AWI puts safety first in all contexts, and we hope you find these helpful!

Join a peer support group or volunteer with a local chapter:

  • US – National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is a nationwide grassroots advocacy group representing people affected by mental illness in the United States, providing education and advocacy. Check out their community NAMI Walks, or call their helpline here.
  • Canada  – The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) facilitates access to resources, builds community, and supports recovery from mental illness.Participate in their annual Ride Don’t Hide national bike rides this June, or find a location near you for groups and counselling.
  • Find resources for specific topics on our site!
Spend 20 minutes to learn about the basics of wellness and ways of supporting others:

Art With Impact’s very own eBook, “Finding and Maintaining Mental Wellness” is a great introduction to concepts of mental health and self care. Perhaps you’ll take away a new framework for looking at the concept of mental health, learn something new about various types of mental health providers or gain insight into supporting a loved one – this quick read is a great go-to!

Attend a free upcoming Movies 4 Mental Health event:

The end of the academic year is just around the corner, but our college stigma-busting workshops are still going strong. Did you know that they’re free and open to the public? This week we’re hosting three workshops in California, and our first ever event in Oregon. Because May 7-13 marks Mental Health Week in Canada, we’re hosting a free community event this upcoming Thursday in Kitchener, ON.

Keep tabs on all of our free workshops here!

More Ways to Engage
We’d love to hear from you! If you choose to engage in any of the above prompts, please tag us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or send us a quick email and share your experience. You can find us at @artwithimpact 🙂

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