The kits are in the mail!

The Host Kits for Blood Relation are off!!

If you’ve ordered yours it will arrive by Tues. March 1 and we’ll be sending your confirmation number via email. If you haven’t signed up yet to host Blood Relation, don’t worry. Step away from the ledge. Everything’s going to be okay. Just go to this handy dandy form, fill it out, and we’ll send you your very own little kit.

And while you wait for it to arrive you can just PRETEND you’re opening your own Host Kit present, (and it’s not even my birthday!) using these helpful visuals:


An adorable pile of host kits, cleverly arranged

Host Kits

Oooo! What’s inside? The suspense is killing me!


Ahh, of course! A blurry iPhone pic just when it’s getting good.

Blurry iPhone Pic

That’s more like it! Oh, and I get a sneaky peak inside the education guide!

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