Read All about it! Our First Article!

Recently I came across this online news article about one of our Hosts, KIPCOR at Bethel University, and their involvement with Art With Impact's Underground Film Series. This was so cool – for many reasons – and it made me so appreciative of all the folks out there who not only believe in our work, but are actively trying to find new solutions to tough issues.

When I first started my search for institutions, universities, and centers who focused on peace and conflict studies, I came across Dr. Gary Flory and his work with The Kansas Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (KIPCOR) at Bethel College. At the time, I did not know a lot of professors at the universities I was reaching out to and most of my emails went unanswered (and unloved). But Gary wrote back immediately and was excited to talk more about the potential of using films to broach tough subjects with his students in a new and dynamic way that would continue the discussions well outside of his classroom.

KIPCOR was one of our first advocates and has used our Underground Film Series to create a film series of their own on campus, wisely using Art With Impact to curate the best films for their students and community (that's what we're here for, folks. Take advantage!).

So, let us do our jobs and help get great films to you, too! Email me about our 2011 and 2012 line-up and get your fall events scheduled now.



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