Presenting Our Latest Short Film Competition Winner: ADHD

We are thrilled to announce our latest short film competition winner, ADHD!


Thank you video – Chris Bollinger and Cameron Voris from Art With Impact on Vimeo.


Created by the filmmaking trio of Chris Bollinger, David Superville, and Cameron Voris, ADHD follows the experience of a man as he constantly derailed by his attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) throughout the course of an afternoon. He jumps from one task to another in a constant pattern of being sidetracked, forever catching up with what he’s left unfinished. 


ADHD Do You REALLY Have It from Art With Impact on Vimeo.


The team behind ADHD has explored depression and suicide in their previous projects, and hopes this latest film will prompt audiences to take attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder as a serious condition — not a condition to be assigned lightly or as an innocuous personality quirk.


Chris Bollinger, professional photographer and father of three, has always had a passion for the arts and a love for life. He and his wife Angela, of Pink Warrior Makeup Artistry, work as a team and have opened their homes to several people throughout the years; assisting them in getting the help they need.  


Cameron Voris, screenwriter and editor of the film, has been writing since middle school. He's worked on several different film sets and eventually decided to write a few of his own. One work in particular, Canvas, is currently being produced and will be released later this year. 


David Superville is a videographer, compositor, and photographer in Charlotte, NC. Highly proficient in writing, producing, directing, shooting, and editing, David is a walking production studio.


Congratulations to the ADHD team on their winning film!


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