Presenting our March 2018 Short Film Competition Winner!

Art With Impact (AWI) is excited to congratulate Kim Hunyh for the film ‘Sal Tran’ which is the February 2018 winner and latest addition to AWI’s OLIVE Film Collection! The short film follows the experience of Sal Tran, a Vietnamese artist who has learned to embrace their trauma and who has found empowerment in art and storytelling.

Kim is the Cinematographer, Producer/Director & Editor behind the film. Currently based in San Francisco, she has a passion for social activism and frequently operates as a one-woman production crew, striving to shed a spotlight on untold stories that inspire and awaken. Sal Tran is the first in a documentary series launching this spring, profiling different artists with lived mental health experience. You can stay up to date on this series at Kim’s website!

Kim Huynh Acceptance Video from Art With Impact on Vimeo.

Kim is also personally motivated to create films around this topic because of her own personal experiences with bipolar disorder. She wants others struggling to know that they’re not alone, and in sharing stories hopes to start a dialogue and encourage people to feel comfortable speaking about their experiences openly.

Watch the film here:

Sal Tran from Art With Impact on Vimeo.

We look forward to following Kim’s series, and seeing the impact this film will have on students!

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