Presenting Our Latest Short Film Competition Winner: A to Z

Art with Impact is pleased to announce our latest short film winners, Fenny Wang and Karishma Antia, and their short film, A to Z.

A to Z screen capture

Utilizing stop-motion animation, A to Z is a reflection on the experience of living with anorexia, and indeed how every spoonful of food can carry so much literal and figurative weight. The title not only refers to the alphabet-shaped pasta that surfaces with every bite in the film, but also the comprehensive journey to wellness that someone struggling with anorexia must travel — a journey that begins with acceptance.

Fenny and Karishma have been collaborating on creative projects together since they met as children. The pair focuses on the topic of anorexia in hopes of shedding light on a mental illness that are often misrepresented in the media, and build awareness that it is okay to not be okay. Fenny is a recent Queen’s University graduate who has just started her career in advertising, and Karishma ​is a psychology student at the University of Toronto.

Congratulations, Fenny and Karishma! We hope you continue to use your art to express messages of hope and healing.


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