Presenting Our Latest Short Film Competition Winner: Autobiography of a Body

Art With Impact is thrilled to announce our latest short film competition winner: Autobiography of a Body by Randy Kelly.


Described as a “cinepoem,” Autobiography of a Body is a collaboration between the filmmaker and spoken-word poet Daniel Mark Patterson (DMP), and focuses on “growing up, growing into yourself and the sometimes long, lonely road to self-acceptance.”

Randy Kelly is an Ottawa-based award-winning film and television director, editor and cameraman. Over the last 20 years, Randy has worked on dramatic TV series, lifestyle series, documentaries, short and feature-length films, cinepoems and music videos in both English and French, with projects broadcast over networks in Canada and abroad. He has also been giving cinepoetry and spoken word workshops at international schools around the globe since 2014. Randy considers cinepoems to be music videos for spoken word poems, and when he first heard DMP perform he knew he wanted to collaborate on something impactful.

Congratulations, Randy! You can watch Autobiography of a Body in its entirety here.


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