Student Voices: Poetry Has Been the Basis for Me to Live

Hello, my name is Cariele, I’m 25 years old and I live in Brazil! I really like to write, as it fills the need to work through my emotions and what I am thinking at any given moment. Below is one of my poems.


What anguish!
I walked a dark, furious and heavy path,
I felt I would not get out of bed.
I look back, I see who I was, how much it hurt me to become who I am now,
my eyes only showed suffering, hardening.
I looked in the mirror, trying to figure out who was reflecting and what I wanted,
I looked into my eyes to find an answer, I just saw needs, only saw sores,
It did not last long, I began to cry, thinking that it would be better to get off the road…
Until, in the very painful process, I realized my mistakes, how much I expected from
the other, I expected someone to save me.
I just survived day after day,
The anxieties did not seem to have an end, they increased because I did not know
what to do with myself, I had to find myself in someone else’s body to see me.
I put my hands on my wound and sewed it
I sewed with words, with thoughts, sewed each line drawn on the paper, with my heart
exploding with sensations, expelled by the paper …
I closed the diary, my heart was still.
the words formed scars on the heart.
My body is marked by words of transformation.

I wrote this poem when I was distressed and anxious, because I did not find an answer to what I was feeling, and so I decided to put those feelings on paper. I brought this to psychotherapy, which was was extremely liberating.

I lived that moment and today I am in another phase of my life, very happy to use poetry as a means of expressing myself. I have always enjoyed writing, but I lived a few years away from writing and then met her again. I see that poetry has been the basis for me to live. It is not easy to face oneself, it requires a lot of effort. I’m on the walk and happy to meet and accept, today I’m loving and caring for myself.

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