Model Adwoa Aboah Continues Mental Health Advocacy With New Short Film

It’s incredibly easy to romanticize the life of a model.


Anyone who can wear this…thing and still look beautiful is fully deserving of your burning envy.

But here’s the thing: models are just people. And as people, they’re susceptible to mental illness, and have to work to maintain their mental wellness. In a society that often idolizes celebrities and models, it has become essential for individuals in those industries to come forward about mental health issues. And that’s just what model Adwoa Aboah has done in her pursuit of mental health advocacy.


Aboah has been in our spotlight previously for her mental health activism, and she is still going strong with her Gurls Talk movement, which was founded as a safe space for women to discuss issues like mental health, sexuality, and relationships. She recently released a short video on Gurls Talk in which she discusses her struggles with depression alongside her sister and other models. Aboah–a recovering addict–is candid with her challenges, and doesn’t hesitate to share her own story as a way to help others feel less alone.

While this short video might not seem like anything particularly earth-shattering, it is: to the thousands of young women battling mental illness, seeing these seemingly “perfect” women sharing their very imperfect struggles is a lifeline to let those in distress know they are not alone. Kudos to Aboah for trailblazing such advocacy and making it so readily available to the women who need it most.


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