Vanessa Solis

Movies for Mental Health Facilitator

Vanessa Solis

Vanessa is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), with over a decade of experience serving families impacted by abuse, violence and trauma, while also bearing witness to vast healing and hope. Having worked within multiple facets of the child welfare system, and community agencies, Vanessa has worked collaboratively alongside educators, law enforcement, medical staff, court personnel, to advocate for young people and their families to receive appropriate services, and trauma informed care.

Currently, Vanessa is the owner of a private psychotherapy practice in the SF Bay Area where she focuses on young women who are struggling with anxiety, depression and identity development. Vanessa prides herself in bringing a social justice intention into her therapeutic practice, as well as actively working to combat mental health stigma. Vanessa is thrilled to serve on staff at Art With Impact, and to be a part of such transformative work in Movies for Mental Health.

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