Ronald James Baculo

Advisory Board Member - Filmmaker

Ronald James Baculo

RJ Baculo (he/him) is an award-winning filmmaker, comic book creator and mental health advocate based in Melbourne, Australia. He uses various visual storytelling forms such as short films, documentaries, and graphic novels to highlight mental health issues.

RJ studied Multimedia Design at the Swinburne University National Institute of Design in Melbourne, Australia and more recently received his Bachelor of Philosophy at the Royal & Pontifical University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines. He also took up short courses in Clinical Psychology, Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention at the University of Queensland in Australia.

As a visual storyteller, RJ believes powerful visual stories such as short films are some of the best ways to invite discussion, understanding and empathy, especially when it comes to mental health issues.

These days RJ spends his passion hours creating content on YouTube to help empower other aspiring filmmakers and storytellers to share their inspiring and powerful stories.

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