Maira Hernández

Partnerships Manager

Maira Hernández

Maira Hernández (she/her/ella) is a proud Mexican-American, born and raised in Los Angeles. A daughter of immigrants and a first-gen college graduate, she has dedicated her career in the nonprofit sector to providing opportunities to underserved communities through college access, career development, and wellness.

In her creative pursuits, Maira is a writer and published author of Aventura, Amor y Tacos which explores the journey of reconnecting with her roots in Michoacán, México while living in the village of her family origins with her grandparents. She was awarded the Best Latina Themed Book award in 2020 from the International Latino Book Awards.

Aside from writing, her hobbies include reading, traveling, photography, hiking, dancing, roller skating, bike riding, and eating tacos. She enjoys anything that sparks her creativity and brings adventure into her life. More than anything, she hopes to inspire people to step into courage through their own personal stories.

At Art with Impact, her focus is on partnership building to bring workshops to current and new college and university partners to help continue the conversation of mental health and wellness in new communities.

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