Deborah Greenslit

Advisory Board Member

Deborah Greenslit

Deborah L. Sandoli Greenslit, Psychotherapist/LMHC, RN/Wellness Specialist

Deborah is a seasoned, licensed psychotherapist and a registered nurse with advanced degrees in psychology, education and health &wellness and has over thirty five years of experience in the counseling, teaching and health field. She was a former clinician and instructor at U-Mass Medical School and in Behavioral Medicine at U-Mass Medical Center, has worked in other counseling practices and companies and has run her own practice since 1994. She is also a national presenter, consultant, lecturer, workshop facilitator, former marathon coach, college professor and columnist and is completing her book titled: Living with a Loving Heart…lessons learned on suffering and pain.

Deborah has many areas of specialties but has taken particular interest in helping people to strengthen their relationship with themselves and has been running “personal growth” workshops and retreats for over thirty five years. She is nationally known for her work and speaks from the heart. She encourages people to stop judging themselves and to find more compassion and understanding for their life’s challenges and to draw from their inner strengths. She strongly believes that “love and connection” is the antidote to much of people’s suffering and pain and is the basis of her book.

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