Cat Tanchanco

Community Manager

Cat Tanchanco

Cat (she/her) is a Filipino-American storyteller and mental health advocate from the arts and movie-making industries. She is based on Tongva territory, colonially known as Los Angeles. She holds a BFA in Film & Video from CalArts and has over a decade of experience in makeup artistry and working on film sets under her brand, AUDFACED. She also enjoys filmmaking, writing, painting, performing, and voice acting.

She feels most connected to art that advocates for storytelling, mindfulness, radical empathy, social justice, or mental health. Her makeup art is known to be eye-catching, warm-exuding, and also dark in imagery.

At Art With Impact, her role encompasses creating spaces that elevate a global community of artists and mental health advocates. She does this through coordinating virtual Sanctuary Space events and My Mental Health Story, expanding the Continued Connections program, managing the mental health short film competition, creating social media content, and curating newsletters.

You can find Cat doing things like producing a runway art show that portrays the importance of not rushing through the five stages of grief, hiking, painting her face, creating her next art book, hosting an Instagram Live discussing where the horror movie genre meets mental health advocacy, or geeking out over Halloween season.

Her artist motto is “Under Every Mask is A Story”.

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