Help Make These Impactful Projects a Reality on World Suicide Prevention Day

I usually open these posts with a joke for three reasons: 1) it's a writer habit I refuse to break because 2) I love comedy because 3) I truly believe in the power of humor to make sense of the often-absurd, too-often-painful realities we all face on the daily. But what I believe in even more than comedy is positivity, and it's never been easier to be a actively positive person than right now in the age of the Internet (…and, of course, the same could be said about being an actively negative person…). So today, on World Suicide Prevention Day, I ask you to use your time to check out these films-to-be in need of funding, and then perhaps use your dollars to help them bring their message of suicide awareness and prevention to the world.

Project Wake Up: End the Stigma

Inspired by the tragic suicide of a close friend, the team behind Wake Up has been working tirelessly to complete their feature that they hope will spread awareness and even save lives.

The short film: Suffering

The team behind this short hopes to eventually turn it into a feature that will "weave a compelling tale with a meaningful message which is at once as engaging as it is impactful."

Multiple efforts to end suicide among LGBTQ youth with The Trevor Project

Teen suicide awareness film I'm Fine

These are just a few of the (hopefully) upcoming projects dedicated to preventing suicide — and, of course, there are many, many other ways to support suicide awareness programs and counseling services with your dollars or your time.

My last favor to ask? Take some time today to tell someone who might be struggling that you're listening. Then listen. And if you need someone to listen, find someone. Get help. We need you here.

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