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The films on this page have been submitted this month to our competition. Next month, they will be viewed and scored by a panel of jurors. These films are not a part of AWI’s permanent collection. To view the films in our collection, please visit our OLIVE Film Collection page.

Current Competition Submissions

10/1/2018 - 10/31/2018

辛灵 – The Inside
This short film is a chat between Liangxin and a psychic and during the conversation, Liangxin displayed various characters himself at various stages of his life. The psychic strongly believes Liangxin is possessed and haunted by multiple spirits.
It’s Not Okay To Be Okay
The title means that the current community perspective is not okay regarding mental health problems and this needs to be changed. We, the community has to only bring this change. We are what our community is!
The lighter
The lighter
The old man pursues the image of his beloved.
New Conversations
New Conversations is a courageous effort to challenge current media portrayals of mental illness as a hopeless condition and ask the question, “what would happen if we told the truth about our lives?” Teens highlight the power of peer to peer sup...
This film explores the anxieties and the fear of food from the point of view of someone with an eating disorder. This experimental film focus more on the obsessive qualities behind eating disorders.
Life on the periphery
Life on the periphery
Awarded with a Distinction in Communication, Culture and Media, my work is centered around using auto-ethnographic creative practices and its benefits when working with victims of trauma. With a grade of 85%, my body of work 'Life On The Periphery' u...
We need to talk about depression and suicide (especially in men)
Josh was 22 years old when he tried to end his life because of depression - not only did he survive, he found a way to recover and is sharing his story. The film highlights the issues of depression and suicide in men, who account for two-thirds of...