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There have never been more opportunities for Black womxn than there are right now. In order to shake off misogynoir and the depths of oppression, Black womxn need to be whole, heard, and seen. Experience Wholeness examines and promotes consciousness and change from within so that we can collectively overcome anxiety, depression, and fear. Follow the story of Eva, the womxn with the Eve Gene who created life and civilization and, yet, is disconnected from herself, her origins, and her truth; journey with her through her unconscious mind as she reclaims wholeness.

Content heads up: misogynoir, racist, sexist comments; depiction of a mental breakdown

Director: Jameelah Nuriddin

Jameelah Nuriddin is a socially conscious film and media producer, program director, and an award-winning film editor. With over 10 years in commercial production, Jameelah has had the pleasure of collaborating with top international brands like NIKE and Dove. Hailing from Atlanta, GA, her connection to her southern roots and African heritage drives her lifelong passion for social change using the immeasurable power of storytelling. Entering the entertainment industry at the age of 12, Nuriddin learned the roots of storytelling by acting alongside Black American sages, Cicely Tyson and Don Cheadle. She is an NAACP award-winning actress. Jameelah graduated from USC with a BFA in Theatre and a Minor in Film. It is there the seed was planted to begin her non-profit work while volunteering at the Joint Educational Program (JEP). She Co-Founded ‘Imaginese Youth Workshops’ where she developed curriculum and guided middle school and high-school aged children in East and South Los Angeles, and Bali, Indonesia. Her program ‘Confidence through Creativity’ still provides artistic mentorships in film, theatre, dance, poetry and design while connecting students to a social justice issue in their community – creating multi-generational works of art exploring gang violence, human trafficking, immigration reform, food deserts, and wealth inequality. Jameelah Nuriddin knows story; and has lived her life believing the power of storytelling and empathy will reveal the interconnectedness of us all.

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Mental Wellness

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