AWI Short Film Competition

Walk of Shame

As a young student walks down a street of houses, she uncovers a fragmented and traumatic memory.

Content heads up: depiction of sexual assault, impacts of sexual assault

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Director: Emilie Cheung

Emilie Cheung is an 18 year old filmmaker based in the UK, who has a passion for telling stories that challenge the way we look at ourselves and our society, through unique and underrepresented perspectives. She made her professional directorial debut at the age of 16 with a commission from Channel 4’s ‘Random Acts’. The short film ‘Pas De Deux’, has since gone on to festival success, garnering a number of award nominations, including one from the BAFTA recognised ‘Underwire Festival’. Emilie is also a member of the ‘National Youth Film Academy’, a ‘BFI Film Academy’ alumni, and has had the chance to interview some of the most influential names in film, including Damien Chazelle, Richard Curtis and Millie Bobby Brown, as a ‘Young Reporter’ for ‘Into Film’. She has also worked freelance for a number of promotional shoots and music videos, including ‘Fairtrade HK’, ‘Sleeping at Last’, ‘Downe House School’ amongst others, and has worked as an assistant for various production companies, including ‘Monumental Pictures’ and ‘Focus Media HK’. Producer: Dominique Unsworth

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Trauma & PTSD

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