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An intersecting narrative of three students who have three different mental health conditions. A tap dancer’s OCD hinders her from arriving at her audition on time. A math student’s need for control extends from his schoolwork to his eating habits. A girl who desperately wants to be accepted must battle her social anxiety. Mental conditions exist all around college campuses, but that is not what brings these three characters together nor is it what connects them.


Content heads up: depictions of obsessive compulsive disorder, social anxiety, bulimia

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Director: Karen Hua

Karen Hua is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan studying English and psychology. She writes about the intersection between digital culture and education as a contributor for Forbes Lifestyle and USA Today College. She is also the TV/New Media editor for The Michigan Daily where she reviews television shows and explores community culture. Her passion for entertainment sparked her interest in filmmaking that led her to her directorial debut, “Three.” Learn more:

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Anxiety is the most common mental illness out there, and it takes a lot of different forms. Experiencing some level of anxiety is a normal...

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are a group of conditions that cause serious emotional and physical problems, involving extreme food and weight issues. There are many types of...

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a specific form of anxiety characterized by repetitive, unwanted intrusive thoughts (obsessions) and irrational, excessive urges to do certain actions (compulsions)....

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