Therapy Room

In Asian culture, people are more group-centric and less individually focused. It is believed that the public’s collective view is superior to any individual’s opinion. In both cultures, people with 'abnormal' behavior or psychiatric disorders are often stigmatized, stereotyped, discriminated against, and threatened by society. Yet in a group-centric society, being seen vas different is a larger problem than in an individualistic society, and as such, these people can suffer from conditions of self-abasement and self-doubt, further perpetuating the discord. 


The work shown here endeavors to show my view of these conditions not as “illnesses," which perpetuates a negative view, but as an extremely beautiful energy unique from person to person. The goal is to break down entrenched views and beliefs; to establish new views and beliefs regarding mental heath. 


The powerful energy we each possess should make us celebrate ourselves as we are. We should treasure this energy as a pearl in a dark night. Our power to appreciate each other and our ability to self-heal is valuable. Here’s hoping that my perspective on “illnesses” can give everyone a reason to be more thoughtful and informed.