AWI Short Film Competition

The Rest is Flowers

When his best friend, Harry, is killed in a homophobic attack, a grief-stricken, closeted Jimmy prepares to give the eulogy at his funeral. This is his last chance to admit the true depth of his feelings for Harry and face up to the fact that today he must bury his soulmate.

Content heads up: depiction of violent hate crime, homophobia, grief

Director: Dale John Allen

Dale John Allen (he/him) is an artist-filmmaker based in Manchester, UK exploring queer identity on-screen. His work is often autobiographical and stems from his own experiences living with Bipolar Affective Disorder. Dale’s first short, which he describes as his self-portrait, ‘A Film About Love’ won the Art with Impact short film award in 2016 and was the main inspiration behind his latest short, ‘Don’t Blame Jack’, which explores how mental illness manifests in everyday life. ‘Don’t Blame Jack’ is due for release in 2020 by Peccadillo Pictures, one of the UK’s leading distributors of LGBTQ+, British Independent and World Cinema titles.