AWI Short Film Competition

The Beautiful Black Man

The Beautiful Black Man is a tonal poem that examines the generational trauma of black men. Mitchell comes from a family of growers, men who grow flowers in their hair. This has been the shame for every man in his family. So, they teach their sons to pluck themselves in order for their flowers not to be seen. Plucking is a bloody mess that causes physical and emotional harm. However, it is the cost of being man enough in society.

Content heads up: racism, internalized stigma, depiction of self harm, images of slavery

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Director: Calvin Walker

Calvin J Walker (he/him) is an award-winning filmmaker with the heart and pen of a poet. More importantly, he’s an artivist. In 2012, Calvin wrote and produced his first short film, The Most Beautiful Flower Blooms in Winter. Since that time, Calvin has produced work within several mediums: film, television, stage, and digital. His work has received acclaim domestically and internationally. He’s a sought after writer; working with producers in Denmark, Africa, and Atlanta. Calvin strives to tell stories that focus on social justice, spirituality, and mental health. He’s a self-taught filmmaker hailing from Dallas, TX. He is a husband and father to three.