Suicide – You Are Never Alone

With this film we want to bring awareness to society’s misunderstanding about depression and suicide. We use language like ‘committing suicide’ or ‘taking your own life’ as if it is an intentional, deliberate, and rational process. None of these things about suicide is true. If someone loses a 10-year battle with cancer we talk about how bravely they fought against the disease and how they were an inspiration to everyone around them because of this fight. People with depression are fighting a constant battle as well. Often it is one that they fight alone because it is not visible to the people around them. Sometimes people lose their battle with mental illness through suicide. Anyone with a mental illness fights bravely each day and they should be remembered as brave fighters regardless of the circumstances of their death. 


But sometimes there comes a moment when the pain of depression falls so heavily that the people struggling are not strong enough to lift it off of themselves. It doesn’t mean that they didn’t love their family or want to continue their life. They just wanted the pain to stop. 


For people with a healthy immune system, illnesses like the flu are often easily overcome. For someone with a weakened immune system routine illnesses can be fatal. People with mental illness have an unhealthy brain. During a time of deep pain and sorrow that someone with a healthy brain would have been able to overcome, their brain might be unable to. 


But the circumstances of their deaths do not affect the lives they lived. Depression is something that afflicts many people and just because it can end fatally does not detract from the lives that those who struggle with depression lived. 


If you are someone who struggles with mental illness know that you are not alone. Know that you are strong. Know that you are brave. Sometimes people can say things about this struggle that can range from insensitive to absolutely cruel. Many of these statements are born out of ignorance. They do not know or understand your battle. It is okay to ask for help and it is okay to need medication. Nobody has ever been made to feel weak because they need regular medication for low blood pressure. Nobody should be made to feel weak because they need regular medication for their mental illness. Talk about it, learn about it, and keep fighting. There are so many around you who love you more than you know.


If you or someone you know may be struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts please click here for help:


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Suicidality can be experienced by anyone, and it could be part of mental illness diagnosis or not. Approximately 90% of individuals who die by suicide...


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