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Still Here

Jason was in Grade 5 when he started having feelings for other boys. Because of those feelings he was called names, beaten up, and even sexually assaulted. Now Jason is using art to open up – he is asking his audience to question what we actually mean when we talk about ‘bullying.’


Content heads up: discussion of self-harm, depression, suicidal ideation, homophobia, bullying; imagery of razor blades; homophobic bullying; brief mention of sexual assault

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Director: Britney Dennison

Britney Dennison works with the Research Advisor for Men's Health Research at the University of British Columbia. She is also the deputy director of the Global Reporting Centre where she specializes in mental health reporting and international journalism, where she has won numerous awards for her work. She works with the ‘Still Here Project' which consists of interviews with people from the LGBTQ community who share their experiences of depression and suicide. Through the project, the participants created photo essays or artwork about their experiences. Jason - who is in the winning film - was one of the participants, and that’s when the idea came to capture that process. This was the moment for Jason to show portfolio of artwork and get a chance to really tell his story. 

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