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Now What?

As social media floods with adult-driven information, misinformation, and witness recorded killings; it begs the question – How are the youth digesting these times? Jamal experiences watching a Black man murdered for the first time. He now grapples with what his identity means in a polarized society.

Content Heads Up: anti-Black racism, gunshot sound, images of child with gun, references to and audio of police brutality

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Director: Marcus Guider, DeVonte Brown, La'Ron Cooper

Marcus Guider is a professional cinematographer who specializes in the creation of emotive imagery. Marcus works in both the narrative and commercial space. He is passionate about people, the art of storytelling, and the powerful influence of the visual medium. DeVonte Brown is an up-and-coming director who looks to tell stories with impact and emotion. His background in camera provides a collaborative insight during the shooting process. DeVonte plans to continue exploring social issues through future projects. La’Ron Cooper is an all-around creative. He works professionally in the film industry as a location sound mixer. His work in narrative, documentary, and commercials has been heard throughout the United States.

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