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I Am Here

‘I Am Here’ is a documentary animation about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that aims to make people feel less alone. The film helps people understand the conditions they may have and inspires them to seek help through depicting how the filmmaker and three other women did just that.

Content Heads Up: discussion of post traumatic stress disorder

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Director: Sorrel Milne

Sorrel Milne is an award-winning animator and animation director based in London. Her work explores stigmatized topics, often focusing on mental health with the goal of starting a conversation and providing support for her audience. Sorrel uses interviews and personal experience to create honest films, such as ‘I Am Here’. She directed and animated ‘I Am Here’ after struggling with PTSD for three years and found the process of creating the film very therapeutic in itself. By having a relaxed, friendly conversation about difficult topics such as PTSD, her work allows the audience to relate to the story, in the hope that it will show those who are suffering that they are not alone. It specifically visualises the feelings of PTSD, so that even people who may be suffering from it but don’t yet have a diagnosis can relate to it. It then guides them to getting the support they need. ‘I Am Here’ has been screened at London International Animation Festival as well as won The Castlegate Art Prize, a Creative Conscience Award.

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Trauma & PTSD

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