When given the task of making a short film about mental health awareness you have to be careful that it is non offensive but descriptive enough to give it a definite sense of reality about it.  But having not suffered with such an illness it was tough to settle on a disorder we could really give the 5 star treatment it deserved. 

Agrophobia isn't particularly well publicised but as illness' go can be one of the most devastating. A close friend of our actor suffered with the illness so we could get a close personal insight into the effects this would have on a persons life. The key themes that we learnt from her run very strongly through the core of the film and we drew majority of our inspiration from this personal account.

It's in essence a metaphor of the state of mind of an Agrophobic. We wanted to draw a comparison to the "post apocolyptic survivor" genre that is currently incredibly popular in the entertainment industry, but use its theme's of isolation and survival to reinforce the metaphor but to also highlight that even when living under this oppression of the illness, life can still continue and thrive.


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Mental Wellness

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