A view on the life and emotions of some sort of bipedal mollusc.

I made and edited this film whilst in the grip of a psychotic episode. It had a pure feeling to it that got me through, memories of misty winter mornings of childhood. It also has a naturalistic ecology based view of the world, even though the creatures don't really exist. At the time I found this reassuring, along with a kind of gentle humour that doesn't matter if you don't get it or not. I developed and modeled the characters, there is some actual technical achievement to this. It was made using programs I own(I work as a cartoonist, caricature artist and illustrator), including iClone, Blender, Premier, 3dCoat and Sculprtis. I recorded the music in REAPER which I played on a keyboard. The title is a reflection of the motivation of the main character.

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Schizophrenia is an umbrella term for a wide range of conditions where a person’s experience of reality doesn’t line up with the experiences of the...


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