AWI Short Film Competition


Fighter asks the tough, awkward, and infrequent questions about mental health to three generations of firefighters. Home movies and impromptu conversations are woven into interviews in this deeply personal reflection on intergenerational connection, trauma and coping, and how expectations of masculinity in firefighting have an impact on mental health.

Content heads up: discussion of culture of masculinity and trauma

Director: Meagan Brown

Meagan Brown (she/her) is an aspiring documentary filmmaker with a passion for people-driven stories. Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, she is currently in her fourth year of studies at Ryerson University, in the Film Studies program. Regardless of genre, there are elements of documentary in everything Meagan produces. From films on social justice, to unconventional hobbies, her focus has continually been people-driven stories. Fighter is a continuation of her love for such personal stories, as she turns the camera to her own family. Moving forward, she hopes to continue to push for more engagement in documentary films as a whole.

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Trauma & PTSD

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