The film is an artistic abstract piece that uses sound and imagery to show the irony of water shortages in California (and around the world). I feel that it is a mental blindspot for the average American that our water shortage doesn't give rise to protest or concern. In fact it's quite the opposite. We as a nation have fallen victim to our water shortages, drought, and the impact of climate change and unfortunately we're entering into a world that believes money and entertainment is all that matters and the fundamentals are pushed aside. The fish in the aquarium represent our civilization, oblivious to the rest of the world, swimming around with the expectation to be fed and cared for. But the hand of the individual holds all it's success. In retrospective, we are all the fish, and our little houses with clean, pure water, is disappearing. Is this a mental issue? I believe so. I believe that what we take for granted is at stake and I hope that I properly address this issue for the audience. Thank you and please enjoy.