AWI Short Film Competition

Could Have, Should Have

Stuck here alone and jobless in the U.S. due to COVID-19, Lei is forced to confront the irreconcilable gap between her and her mother when her secret is unveiled.

Content heads up: stigma

Director: Yao Liu

Ziyao Liu is a Chinese writer/director/editor based in Los Angeles. She is an MFA candidate at UCLA directing program. She cares deeply about groups of people and subcultures that are not often seen on screen in both Chinese and American society. She creates films of a personal nature to generate empathy and understanding in people who are otherwise very different. She received her B.A. in film from University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she developed a midwestern work ethic.

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Stigma is: Always untrue Always negative Can be felt toward yourself Stigma around mental illness includes having fixed ideas and judgments about mental illness and/or...


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