Buying Time

Archie Grownman is an eccentric young artist who owns a struggling gallery downtown. Archie was never good at managing his time. After whiling away years on pursing a career in painting dog portraits, one morning he wakes up to discover that he has only one day left on his calendar. He has spent all of his time.

Setting out to buy himself more time, Archie meets Nora, a girl who looks like she has all the time in the world. The pair strike up a friendship, and Nora gives Archie a day from her own calendar, a day of her time.

Soon enough a romance blooms, and Archie is given weeks, and eventually months from Nora’s calendar.  There are many milkshake dates and picnics in the park, but Archie’s gallery remains empty.

Suddenly, Nora is gone. She had spent all of her time on Archie, and left no days in the calendar for herself.

Standing at her door, with all the time he could ever wish for, Archie would trade it all for another minute, another second with his beloved Nora.

It is at this moment that he realises; it is not how much time you have, but what you choose to spend your time on, that really matters.

After this realisation, Archie pulls down all the dog portraits in his gallery. He donates all of his calendars to a homeless man outside, leaving himself one final day. One day to paint a portrait of Nora and hang it in his empty gallery. One day to leave his legacy as an artist and a lover. One day was all he needed.

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