The world flickers on, the past slips away, you're somewhere unknown, yet familiar. Still. You wait for things to simply fall into place, to be given meaning, light to chip away the darkness.

It takes 8 minutes for the light from the sun to reach you,
Whenever you glimpse it, the sun is… different, 
Somewhere else, catching up
It never changes, it just… revolves

If the sun stopped shining, we wouldn’t know, 
For 8 minutes we’d hang suspended, locked in our cycle, in the shadow of a ghost, 
Things can always change, in the blink of an eye, you’d just never see it coming.
You’ll never know for sure what side the coin will land, unless you set it spinning, 
Heads or tails, light or dark, there’s two sides… but when it spins… You only see one

You convince yourself you’re seeing the full picture, 
But it’s nothing but the traces of something more, the loose change, 
It’s the things left behind that endure, make up the surface of things, 
Memory becomes everything, we surge forward in our own shadow,
Always revolving, never catching up, 
You won’t know if the light’s gone out, but you’ll keep going all the same,
The coin spins, but in the end… it’ll always land on the same side


Sorry if that's a bit of a long winded description, that was originally going to be narrated over the film but I felt it'd be best left to speak for itself. I understand my little film doesn't overtly scream of mental health issues, but that's the point, I wanted it to be broad, non-specific. and capture the essence of attempting to confront our problems, failing, and becoming locked in a cycle of endeavour and regression. 

Actor credit- Matthew Lockett


note: apologies as the video isn't at it's best quality as I had to upload it in a bit of a rush, I'd be happy to provide a better quality version if you would like one