AWI Short Film Competition


A Black woman recounts a 17-year battle with mental health, starting with a suicide attempt and ending in sobriety.

Content heads up: racism, mentions of substance use, mention of suicide attempt with pills

Director: Sideah Alladice

Sideah is an emerging filmmaker located in Vancouver, BC. She champions for honest storytelling, using vulnerability as an invitation to challenge perceptions. She closes the space between viewer and subject with a narrative lens to create an immersive, emotion-filled experience. When not filmmaking, she can be found building her digital content company, Mutton Media, while completing her Broadcast and Digital Journalism studies at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

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Substance Use Disorder

Substance abuse refers to the harmful use of psychoactive substances, including alcohol and drugs. Substance use can lead to addiction and dependence, creating a condition...


Suicidality can be experienced by anyone, and it could be part of mental illness diagnosis or not. Approximately 90% of individuals who die by suicide...


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