Facebook Video on Borderline Personality Disorder Goes Viral

If you've spent any time at all online, then you are very familiar with one of the Internet's most universal truths: just because it goes viral doesn't mean its worthwhile. 





Every now and then, however, a few gems slip into the viral echelon, making the world a truly better place through humor, education, and/or advocacy. 



Ammanford, Wales resident Leanne Warr is experiencing her own brush with viral fame after posting a homemade video to her Facebook wall about her experience living with borderline personality disorder, and to raise awareness of he condition. The video, posted on September 29th, currently has over 23,000 views, and snagged the attention of the mental health community across the globe. 


"I can’t believe the video has gone viral," says Leanne, 27, to the South Wales Guardian. "My dream has been accomplished. I created the video to educate and help people understand what borderline personality disorder is."


Leanne, a painter and decorator, has been using her video's popularity to encourage those who view it to donate to mental health charities such as the UK-based Mind. In addition, Leanne is using her viral visibility to help others who feel alone in dealing with borderline personality disorder (BPD), which can cause intense periods of anxiety, depression, and anger lasting up to several days. 


"I have also been contacted by someone who knows an eight-year-old child who has borderline personality disorder, and I have been researching for information and help for her to understand," shares Leanne with the Guardian. "I just want to say the video is about the message and not about me. I did this because I want victims to know that they are not alone and there is help and people to talk to."


Best wishes to Leanne in her daily mental wellness journey. We hope she continues to serve as an inspiration of advocacy to others. 



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