You Make History

The best way to get involved with an issue that you care about is to be in its epicenter. Whether you volunteer in your community or join an organization to work overseas, standing for something you strongly believe in is what truly makes History happen. And you can be one of its authors.

Educating yourself on the issues that draw you in is the first thing you can do to make a difference. Taking action is the next step to becoming actively engaged. Making every effort to add strength to a collective cause can undeniably lead to social change. In fewer words, you can choose to sit back and read about history. Or you can write it.

Volunteer Overseas - Upcoming Trips to Palestine

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Tent of Nations farm - People Building Bridges - SCI- International Voluntary Service  (08/29, 10/24 -2011) Soon information about the 2012 Spring Camp!!!

Tent of Nations is a project of steadfastness and hope. Under the slogan "We refuse to be enemies" it aims to transform pain and suffering into a constructive power that leads to a better future. It seeks to bring together people from various countries and cultures to build bridges between land and people and between people and people.This camp will take place at the Tent of Nations farm near the village of Nahalin, Bethlehem, Palestine.

Interfaith Peace-Builders - Israel/Palestine Delegations 2011/2012

Our delegations are the core of Interfaith Peace-Builders’ work. They are a testament to the transformative power of learning directly from those living in Israel/Palestine. Delegates see the Wall, checkpoints, and demolished homes and learn how these and much more affect Palestinians. Likewise, delegates hear from Israelis about the effects of the conflict on Israeli society. Meetings with diverse representatives of Palestinian and Israeli society focus particularly on those working nonviolently for a resolution to the conflict and an end to the occupation.

2012 Palestine Summer Encounter

The Palestine Summer Encounter is an extraordinary opportunity to experience life in the Palestinian Territories not as a tourist but as a guest and a participant in the community. As a participant you can join us for one, two or three months in the summer, live with a Palestinian Christian or Muslim host family, participate in Arabic classes and serve at volunteer assignment with one of over thirty five participating local organizations. Participants will also have the opportunity to meet with Palestinian and Israeli peacemakers to learn more about the roots, and solutions to, the present conflict.

Building Bridges - Palestine-Israel

Israel Palestine is a summer program that takes university students to the Middle East on a journey of comparative conflict analysis and conflict transformation. The program combines rigorous academics and practical hands-on training, allowing students to explore questions at the core of all conflicts.

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