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Islamabad’s 60-Second International Film Festival Makes the Most of a Minute

What could you make in just one minute?

FALSE. This actually takes five minutes. More like Minute Lies, amirite?

The up-and-coming filmmakers of Pakistan have turned 60 seconds into an opportunity for art and activism as participants in the 60-Second International Film Festival happening right now in Islamabad.

Upcoming Halle Berry Film Explores Dissociative Identity Disorder

Coming fresh off of Oscar night, it’s interesting to consider the motives of an actor sinking her teeth into a particularly meaty role involving the double whammy of mental illness and race.

But we’re talking about Halle Berry, the woman who managed to keep her career afloat despite BULWORTH, so I’m willing to cut her some slack.

Lahore International Film Festival Encourages Young Filmmakers of Pakistan

Anyone who’s ever shared public space with young people might find it odd that they sometimes need encouragement to speak up.

I think we’ve all encountered these shy, retiring violets at the bar.

Mental Illness Gets the Rom-Com Treatment in ‘BAREFOOT’

As the Garden States and Silver Linings Playbooks of the world remind us, there’s nothing like mental illness to punch up an otherwise bland on-screen romance.

The original Manic Pixie Dreamgirl. May God have mercy on your soul.

New York’s Socially Relevant Film Festival Announces Lineup

Do you remember the first R-rated movie you ever saw?

I do. It was not my most solid decision.

Although an R rating is obviously not a mark of inherent quality, an SR rating certainly is, thanks to the Socially Relevant Film Festival of New York, now gearing up for its inaugural year.

Review Round-Up: JIMMY P (Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian)

I think we can all agree that Benicio Del Toro won the ‘coolest name in Hollywood’ award years ago.

Runner-up: Tilda Swinton, but we’re too scared to tell her.

(j/k Tilda I love you, don’t ever change.)

Human Rights Watch Film Festival Prepares for 18th Year

The Human Rights Watch Film Festival is having a benchmark birthday this year, celebrating its 18th year in London from March 18-28th in the good company of critically-acclaimed filmmakers and award-winning features and documentaries.

In addition, the festival is now allowed to vote in U.S. elections and drink in most countries around the world. No word on whether its parents will start charging it rent.

‘12 Years a Slave’ and Black Mental Health in the Modern Era

The power of historical films is not only their vivid re-creation a time gone by, but also their representation of how the past has informed modern life.

How far we’ve come, and yet…Ringo Starr in animal pelts.

Voices of India Empowers Disadvantaged Children Through Film

Kids really do say the darnedest things.

Out of the mouths of babes.

But when they aren’t spouting adorable observations, questions, and/or proclamations of their divine origin, young people can be surprisingly sobering storytellers, sometimes belying their own innocence. This is precisely what Leon Etchells was seeking to tap into as co-director of the child-focused film initiative, Voices of India.

2014 PRISM Awards to Recognize Portrayal of Mental Health Issues

Despite how it may seem, not all awards programs are fueled by scandal and questionable fashion choices.

Foam fingers should never even…enter the equation…